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What is the worst thing about having a Somm friend?

Sometimes she puts you to work!

Yup, she actually makes you take tasting notes on wines so that she can shamelessly exploit your taste buds. This is exactly what I did to our friends Mike and Karin. Just in case all of my loyal blog readers were tired with Stan’s off the wall comments and my more to the point ones, I decided to add in a few other peoples opinions. Check out the Tasting Room to see how it all went.

In general, it was a really interesting experiment for two reasons:

1. I choose a California Chardonnay that does not see any Malolactic Fermentation (gives Chardonnay the “butter” flavors) and does not experience any oak for which Cali Chardonnays are famous for.

2. In most all of our tasting notes we all had the same “general” impression of the wine just expressed a bit differently. Which just goes to prove that you don’t have to have an amazing “nose” to know wine, just a little guidance!

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