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Turkey Day Wines

It’s less than a week to Thanksgiving. You are hosting. Or maybe you are just going to that sister- in- law’s house who says, “Oh! Can you bring the wine?” Because no one says no to this, you find yourself now in charge of the WINE!

I am here to help.

Last year I featured several different options. This year I am going with the trusty old stand by that is by and far what people want. Pinot Noir!

So why is Pinot Noir the optimal go to wine? The body of the wine makes it very versatile with many dishes and let’s face it, turkey day has no shortage of many dishes. It doesn’t overpower the wine nor does the wine overpower the food.

So, on to some great suggestions!

  1. $$$ Burgundy, France – The label won’t necessarily say Pinot Noir but if it says “Bourgogne” you can be sure it is Pinot Noir if it is a red wine. This will be your more expensive option but is the classic choice. One to try: Bouchard Pere et Fils Santenay

  2. $$ New Zealand – New Zealand has a similar climate to France but the Pinot’s from New Zealand offer a nice balance of France’s structure and elegance with some of the more flavorful notes of the New World. One to try: Mt. Difficulty

  3. $$ Oregon – Similar to New Zealand, Oregon is displays an almost identical climate to Burgundy and is often referred to as Burgundy’s twin! Maintains the balance France is known for with some of the fruit that California Pinot’s are known for. One to try: Bethel Heights Estate Grown

Bring on the Turkey!

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